From slates to tablets.

Methods of teaching and the way lessons are being learnt have advanced, and do not limit itself to a room or a blackboard. Teachers and students around the world rely on digital communication to research, produce and share documents. The scope is limitless and unbiased; catering to students of every demographic and in any geography equally. Free online tutoring, subject specific course solutions, IT skill development and apps that simplify and make math interesting are to name a few of the blessings that are available to a student armed with Able.

Notion Ink; Indian pioneers of tablet design, clearly realise this leap in education and has come out with their latest 2-in-1 fusion ‘ABLE’. Designed with utility in mind, to support and help a student in being productive. It’s configured with current generation Cherry Trail X5 Quad Core Processor, 4GB of RAM, instant 3G connectivity, multiple port options for accessories and long battery life for full day at school or college. Able helps educate them for the future with the best of the present. Though tablets have visibly altered the educational field, its maximum effect is felt in classroom learning. ABLE supports student focussed teacher inspired, thousands of applications. The touch interface is intuitive in educational environments.

Able with Windows 10 makes it possible to use it for computing and programming. Editing documents, PDF or LATEX can be done effortlessly with this OS. Take OneNote for example, on Able you can take notes, draw diagrams, copy web articles and do much more to assist your studies. Apps like Kindle also ensure that every single digital book can be read or annotated on the platform. Over time schools will conclude that the gains far exceed the initial cost spent on giving students this learning device because of the time, energy and money you save in the long run. The numerous advantages are yet to be understood and applicability of these hand held gadgets are yet to hit full momentum.

A fusion laptop is the most sought after in its category by students and professionals alike. Being able to use it like a tablet and laptop suits every student’s requirement.