Chaos Lately

A poem.

Photography by Not Me Alone Photography, 2016.

My life has become such repetition

I have become the latest and greatest rendition of myself for all to see

With hands in the air grasping for anything-

Anything I can get a hold of just so I can breathe again

When the world encircling me stops spinning

Only then can I feel free

I’ll be the one with her feet propped up on the theoretical coffee table of life, arms across my chest, hat covering my face,

Hiding me away from everyone and everything that might test my patience

Til then I’ll be here, crazed and taking it all in, the present tense, the perfect progressive

I’ll be the one who has no sense of self

Who has been searching amongst the chaos but never quite got what they needed

And who never quite found it when all seemed lost

About the Author: I am a Public History and English student with loves in rock climbing, photography, the Nationals, Scooby-Doo, and the Killers. For more, follow me on Instagram here.