Childhood Reminiscing

A poem.

I can’t hear the music

Turn it up until I can feel it in my bones

Play me a song that

Makes me feel like I’m back home

Give me reminisces of a childhood past

Where honeysuckles dripped sweet

Liquid that never seemed to last

But with limitless possibility teemed

Take my hand and guide me

Down an unknown path to my youth

Where it was Barbie dolls and green Army men

When everything came across as new

Play me a melody intoxicatingly smooth

With high notes and low

That when combined mix to create

A rhythm like a slow and unforeseen truth

Play me some music

Turn it down until its sound has drowned out my past ways

Play me a song that

Makes me feel like it’s not about my childhood days

About the Author: I am a Public History and English student with loves in rock climbing, photography, the Nationals, Scooby-Doo, and the Killers. For more, follow me on Instagram here.