Feeling like 2:42

A poem.

Not Me Alone Photography, 2016

Let loose, let it flow

No one will know

Don’t try to stop crying

Just let it go

They don’t get you

They never will

Why worry what they think?

What’s the big deal?

You do you

That’s what you preached from the start

Ignore their opinions

They all lack in heart

It will all be over soon

Then you can have time for yourself

You need to press on

It’s been too long since you pulled those feelings down from the shelf

Keep going, don’t look back

Looking back means you’ve let them win

You’ll have your own time

You’ll reinvent yourself, begin again

So child, dry those eyes,

Wipe the tears on your thighs

Forget what they say,

It will all be okay

Take heart, focus on the little things

Whatever brings your life joy

You won’t be here long

Your heart belongs with the trees

They have nothing on you,

Remember, it will all be over soon

About the Author: My loves are Jesus Christ, rock climbing, photography, classic novels, the Nationals, Scooby-Doo, and the Killers. For more, follow me on Instagram here.