As a white man committed to racial justice, your article is nothing more than racist crap.

Erik Schnabel wrote “As a white man committed to racial justice…”

Suppose you try to explain what “racial justice” is, and how it can be objectively measured. My guess: it’s as vague and slippery as “social justice”, which really just means to take things away from people who have more and give them to others, condemn people for the circumstances into which they were born, and criticize them for their success.

“And by the way, anti-white racism isn’t an actual thing, just like reverse racism isn’t a thing, reverse sexism isn’t a thing or reverse homophobia!”

This is classic left-speak: making declarations of “fact” without any evidence to support it. So, universities who put admission caps on Asians who, in a color-blind reading of their qualifications for admission (not just test scores, but essay, extracurriculars, etc.) would easily beat white, Hispanic and black applicants —aren’t practicing “reverse racism”, eh? What would you call it?