Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

Yeah, I get that this is satire, but a couple of points anyway:

“You know why I keep fighting? Because we all want the same shit. We want economic and racial justice…”

…except that neither you nor anyone else has ever cogently explained what “economic and racial justice” is, for the simple reason that it cannot be objectively defined or measured without getting into the redistribution of wealth or tit-for-tat, neither of which have ever actually solved anything. So, no — I don’t want that.

“I’ve spent my life clawing my way into a system that’s terrified of change. A system that just wants to let rich white dudes be rich white dudes…”

I know history well enough to understand that it’s rich white dudes who have built the system, and that many of us who aren’t white dudes have benefited from that system. Doubt that’s true? Show me any nation on earth that isn’t run by white dudes that has provided anything like what we have, to the broadest swathe of the population. You can’t, because there isn’t.

.Or show me a demographic group that has given away more of the wealth they built, to others, than white dudes. Again, you can’t; that list is dominated by the Bill Gateses, Warren Buffetts and George Soroses of the world.

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