The Dubious Source Behind the Tulsi Cult Smear (updated 12 JUL 2019)

Naomi Allen
Apr 30 · 13 min read

Tulsi Gabbard has ties to Chris Butler and his Science of Identity Foundation… So what?

How I accidentally discovered who is behind the vicious smear that has haunted Tulsi Gabbard’s entire political career.

Screen capture (w/ added propaganda warning) taken of Christine Gralow’s website.

The Bad Neighbor

Building the Culty-Tulsi Myth

Death Meditations

Radicalizing Minions of Hate

False Prophets

Spinning the Butler Web

Campaign of Revenge

The Truth

Tulsi Gabbard’s early advocacy for traditional (anti-gay) marriage, and her regrets:

Promises Kept: Tulsi Gabbard’s fight for LGTB rights and marriage equality.

Naomi Allen

Written by

Naomi Allen is a Cold War OPSEC Veteran, currently studying political science and philosophy in the US Midwest.

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