As Chinese New Year comes to the end, HiNounou’s team has begun to plough into their objectives of 2019.

The new year started off with several exciting achievements that we’re proud to share with you.

HiNounou selected as steering committee of French Healthcare Alliance in China

HiNounou is honored to have been selected as steering committee of French Healthcare Alliance China.

The French Healthcare Alliance brings together 135 French companies in the healthcare sector in China, with the support of the French Embassy. The Alliance’s mission is to offer competitive and innovative products and services to meet the needs and requirements of the Chinese market.

We are honored to have been…

The last three months have witnessed milestone achievements, high-level media exposure and great business development for HiNounou. The constant buzz of activity spans the gamut from a live interview at CNBC TV, to winning DIA Munich’s Top 1 Special Award for most transformative impact.

This update aims to keep the Nounou Token community abreast of our developments. If you want to get to get first-hand information and talk with the team, why not join us on our social media below:

We have plenty of activity to cover, so let’s jump straight into it!

Winner at DIA Munich

On Oct. 18…

Interview by Asia Insurance Review

HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company CEO and founder Charles Bark and AXA Partners (Singapore) CEO Julie Ing were interviewed by the journalist of Asia Insurance Review Dawn Sit.

The need for the insurance industry to step up its customer engagement game has led insurers increasingly to pursue partnerships with third parties and InsurTechs to develop more robust offerings. HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company CEO and founder Charles Bark and AXA Partners (Singapore) CEO Julie Ing shed light on the emergence of the ecosystem trend as they elaborate on insurance-as-a-service solution for China’s elderly.

Born of a motivation…

We are happy to announce the beginning of our strategic partnership with Walimai’s WaBi Project. Our collaboration includes cross-ecosystem compatibility with WaBi Project’s digital token, WaBi. Introduced by Walimai to put an end to counterfeiting, WaBi is backed by safe consumer products.

Read on to learn more about Wabi and how the fusion of the HiNounou ecosystems and WaBi will benefit both parties immensely.

Walimai’s mission is to build a retail channel for safe consumer products, thereby protecting consumers and their families from harmful counterfeit products. To achieve this, Walimai links digital assets with the physical product through RFID labels…

In China, approx. 200 million Seniors above 65 years of age do not have access to affordable private insurance, leading to a significant financial burden on the families involved. HiNounou Intelligent Robot (Shanghai) Company Ltd launches its wellness platform and ecosystem hosting the first affordable and dedicated “insurance as a service” for China’s Seniors from AXA Partners China and PingAn.

HiNounou Intelligent Robot (Shanghai) Company Ltd. is a connected healthcare and intelligent data platform company on a mission to empower the world’s Seniors to live longer, healthier and happier, at home. …

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