5 Life Lessons I Learned in Three Years

The last 3 years of my professional career were like a windmill. Everything around me (including me) was sky rocketing — going at a fast pace that I could barely keep up. Yes I was able to achieve a lot of things in such a short time, but until recently, I was able to get a hold of myself and realize that the things that matter to you are the things you will mostly excel at. No this is not a cliché, this is a lesson learned the hard way, something I have personally read about a lot, but haven’t realized until I passed through it.

In 3 years I took on 3 different jobs, co-founded an app and started a non-profit. Now I can say that I have found happiness with my current full-time and non-profit.

What I have to tell you is that you don’t discover yourself until you graduate college, put yourself out there, take on different jobs, fail (more than once), learn something new, have big dreams AND put them into action. This is how you will differentiate yourself from others out there.

To sum up my 3 years with 5 valuable lessons learned:

Lesson 1: Put Yourself First

What matters at the end is you. You should always keep yourself happy so you can feed your energy. Good and positive energy feeds on happiness while bad and negative energy feeds on stress; and in order to achieve, you should be full of positive energy.

Lesson 2: Define Your Ideal Self

Your ideal self is “What do you want to be?” and not the classic (and completely wrong) “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Putting numbers and deadlines on far-fetched dreams is nothing but stressful. What makes us despise failure is the expectation we put on ourselves.

The correct way to do it is by removing the time frame but keeping the goal. This way you will reach what you want to be and where you want to go to in the pace that YOU choose instead of what you enforce on yourself.

Keep in mind that your ideal self can change, and most of the time it does change. Change your plan accordingly.

Lesson 3: Get Your Priorities Straight

Now that you have your ideal self all figured out, you can start working on a list of what it takes you to reach it. This way you will know what to accept and what not to. You can finally say NO.

A common mistake will all do in the start of our careers is saying yes to everything. We have this immense energy in us that makes us think everything coming our way is an opportunity; but that’s not necessarily true.

Prioritizing and listing short self-development goals will make us grow and help us realize the right opportunities worth investing our energies into.

Lesson 4: Learn to Manage Your Time

Time-Management is your key to many things, but especially self-development. With time management you will learn how to juggle many things at once and still live a normal life.

Do all what it takes to manage your time, because time is your most expensive asset. Download time management apps, use your phone calendar to track your meetings and set a reminder.

Lesson 5: It’s The Little Things That Matter

If you want to reach your ideal self, then your current self is what you should focus on (self-development again!)

Find a hobby and master it. You need to balance that energy out so you can refuel! Make time yourself, your friends and family. They are the BEST source of your happy hormones and positive energy!

Happy Friday!

This is my first medium entry!

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