The 5 Elements of Emotional Intelligence

In my newest episode on Loolia I have decided to bring up the concept of emotional intelligence to my viewers.

This concept has been really the topic of discussion in modern psychology and few people know the details of it and how it works and most importantly, how it is a clear determinate and contributor to success!

I wanted to do an episode about this topic because I am personally so passionate about it and have self-learned it.

I am a positive person by nature, but when anxiety strikes me: YIKES! So I started practicing and reading more about EI so I can self-treat my anxiety!

No I am not discriminating between genders, but it is a known fact that women do lead a different lifestyle than men when it comes to emotions and stress due to many life factors that impose this on us women.

While emotional intelligence does not differentiate between genders, I thought it is a great topic to bring up to my viewers of women in the arab world!

Watch the full episode here (it is in Arabic).

What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

It starts with your ability to understand your own feeling as well as the feelings of others. In general, it refers to the degree of awareness one person has on their momentum self and how much emotions interfere in daily decisions.

People who possess EI are able to control their own emotions and control the moods of those around them! (Super powers!)

The impact EI has is tremendous. By only understanding how we feel, why we are feeling this way; we will be able to deal with things differently! We’ll be able to solve conflicts easier now that we know the core problem and always refute to our negative thoughts with positive ones.

The 5 elements of Emotional Intelligence you need to possess now:

1- Self-awareness: Don’t let your emotions get out of control. Know both your strength and weakness and work on developing them.

2- Self-regulation: Your ability to control your impulses and emotions. You will be able not to become too angry or too jealous! This will give you a fact check so that you can think before you act.

3- Motivation: Motivate yourself. Make things happen. So simple!

4- Empathy: Your ability to recognize the feelings of others. It comes with being a great listener, an honest opinion giver and open! Basically, a people person!

5- Social Skills: Self-Development is important, but emotionally intelligent people are able to shift the focus on themselves and devote time to help others and interact with others!

The difference between IQ and EQ is that IQ is innate. EQ is gained and changes overtime.

This means, you are steps away from becoming on the road of a high EQ. It only takes personal effort!

This was a general article on what EI is. I will publish tips to acquire each element!