Third Assignment

CCIB Sheds the Light on the Economic Crisis in Downtown in a Press Conference

Image showing the head of CCIB Mohammad Chkeir, Chairman of Board of Directors of Solidere Nasser El Chamaa, the Chairman, Beirut Traders Association Nicolas Chammas, Vice Chairman of the Board Michel Salameh, and the CEO of Azadea Saeed Chahe0r (Location Rafik Hariri Hall in the CCIB offices)

They noted that the demonstrations are being followed by acts of riot especially that they are going simultaneously with the Lebanese Parliament round table meetings.

Image showing fire initiated by protesters in Downtown

Around 79 shops have closed there doors in Downtown only in a period of a year.

Image showing one of the shops that closed and is being offered for rental in Downtown

The CCIB urged the Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri to change the location of the meetings to minimize the losses in downtown.

Activists throwing eggs and tomatoes at the politicians’ cars as they head to the parliament for the first round-table meeting
Interview with Deputy Speaker of Parliament Farid Makary


  1. Inability to get the right angles or shots of the protests
  2. Merging of the scenes and transitions
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