The Road to the Number One Blockchain Game

After a successful base launch, it’s time to outline the vision for the game and how we plan to be top of the podium when it comes to Blockchain Gaming.

We have 1500 users a day racing, after a launch of 2 days. Our core features are still being added over the course of the next few weeks.

Despite this we are above blockchain games with millions of dollars in funding.

However, this is only the first lap:

These are the Five Principles that we are working towards fulfilling.

  1. Start playing in 2 Clicks
  2. Capture Imagination
  3. Sustainable Play to Earn
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Bulletproof Backend

We will follow this up with an updated roadmap, and provide information about potential future sales.

How can I play your game?

It’s surprisingly difficult to get someone started in any blockchain game.

  1. They need to create a wallet using their email address — Most people get this far…
  2. They need to load the currency from an exchange onto their wallet — Some exchanges don’t easily allow transfer of WAX, it’s easy to just give up.
  3. The pack cost is astronomical, unless you strike it real lucky, you often pay the premium for an exciting feeling.
  4. They need to stake CPU, or pay some kind of fee to start playing— 80% of people will not even understand what this means when they are getting errors while trying to play.

How can this process be improved?

  1. Starter Pack NFTs available in any cryptocurrency.
    — Bad to flood the market with new NFTs, early adopters get frustrated…

Therefore Nova Rally will be introducing a buyback scheme.

NFTs bought from the market wrapped back up into new packs from a preminted pool of ‘recycled’ NFTs

They also will contain 100,000 SNAKOIL from the assets sat in the pool earning until opened. This allows the buyer to race 10 times right away, no waiting.

2. These packs will be available to buy with any cryptocurrency

Users buy one thing, get the satisfaction of opening a pack and can start playing and earning right away.

3. User’s wont even need to know CPU is a thing

When some of the team started on WAX, we were able to play games daily and for a long time did not even understand there was a need to stake anything at all. Lived in the bliss of ignorance, thinking every single transaction is free!

Nova Rally in the short term with work towards using the boost.wax service to utilise WAX Cloud Wallet’s free transaction for players. We will also provide a pool of WAX to be used for CPU of players. We will partner with other CPU providers and offer them benefits in helping our players play and live in bliss.

Longer term, we will introduce our new backend system that should cut down on the amount of CPU per race drastically.

Capturing Imagination

Nova Rally aims to be a universe to be enjoyed by everyone. Silliness and fun is paramount and we always aim to innovate and excite the players.

We want to provide more player agency, chances at further influencing the result of races. As we progress it will become more visual, and will have logs of every turn, every overtake, every crash.

Some of the crazy shit potentially coming your way…

  1. Race Track Pieces Packs but wait can’t afford such a large outlay? Contact George Square & Son Mortgages.

Players with larger amounts of Fuel tokens can buy a Race Track Piece Pack outright and save money.

Players can also take out a mortgage and deposit the tokens as and when they can and pay an overall larger amount at a more manageable rate. Miss out on your payments, George Square comes and breaks your kneecaps and your pack is locked shut forever.


2. Can’t stand MTV winning? Target him with your missiles by attaching weapons to your vehicle.

Attachments might slow you down, but it will be worth it when you take him down with you. Or race defensive and attach shields, slow and steady wins the race right? Are you old school? Race fast and light with no attachments at all.

3. Construct a track together and Earn from events occurring on the pieces that you own.

Someone crashed on your segment of track? Fantastic, ad revenue is through the roof!

A great overtake caught on camera? A fight at your concession stand?

Early retirement coming your way with all this attention…

4. Joust 1v1 game mode, speed as fast as you can head on into your opponent over 3 rounds and see who chickens out first.

Sustainable Play To Earn

Most blockchain games blow up and last a number of weeks, making unsustainable amounts and many get caught at the top

Nova Rally aims to be more consistent and reliable play to earn, scaling up as more and more players join.

Although the initial few clicks won’t make you rich, we always promise that by consistently playing you will be building your overall value within the NR universe. As the game becomes more and more popular, you’ll be glad of all those car shards you saved up.

By having large burn mechanics (literally in the case of the Death Rally) Nova Rally will always provide players things to do with your fuel tokens, this allows us to keep the game accessible for new players to race whilst not making the token completely abundant. Race Track Pieces are an example of why you would want lots of fuel ready!

Our scaling race cost system, aims to reward players who play on one account. These overpay credits will gain you entry to Mechanic Mastermind and more minigames to come with real rewards.

Overall though, these things take time and there will be it might be a sluggish start, hopefully by providing a fun experience, Nova Rally will be around for years earning at a steady pace, not just one month.

Community Engagement

Already established a loyal player base, patient players with enthusiasm and great ideas.

Just ask anyone what happens at 00:00 UTC, there’s a flurry of excitement on our community ‘Disc Rod’ Servers.

The best way to grow is through word of mouth and through fun, not referral competitions and short term gains, we want people who will play for months not just for one promotion.

We want to build on this by providing Community Leaders and Groups the tools they need to host events, and make the game more enjoyable.

If you are are a community leader, please reach out to use with your ideas and we will do our best to support the communities that help support our game!

We have already seen fantastic community tools such as a Snaking Calculator and a Head-to-Head tracker by community member Vaaaaaaaaan

Clash of the Titans

Bulletproof Backend

How do we support 1 million people racing at once?

How many times did Beanpole win on a Tuesday?

Where can I buy a used car with 7 wins for a good price?

What did Spate have for breakfast this morning?

These are all questions we want to answer instantly, providing mass amounts of data for our users to learn more about the Nova Rally game.

The site is running well now, but even 1500 people all at once caused some problems in the way we retrieve data from the blockchain.

Over the next 2 months we will be migrating over to our own databases and providing APIs to our data to users and the community.

You probably won’t notice any difference and we won’t interrupt racing but it builds the infrastructure allowing us to grow to support being the number one blockchain game.

Overall, we are delighted with the technical achievement of the matchmaking system, Death Rally almost ready to unveil and we are proud of the Website Design and think we are on the road to something special. We have assembled now a great team, working hard together to achieve our Five Principals

We are no longer the underdog, come along for the ride in the greatest story yet to be told, from giving away virtual shovels in a Discord server of 20, to the Number One Blockchain Game ever made.

Thank you all for making this journey possible.



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