I have played foolish games in the name of love. Why are we trying to get even if we are already equal?

A friend’s grandmother told me, “love is just a misunderstanding between two fools.” I want to be a fool for you, Ms. Understanding.

Exploring new cities, writing our names in dust on dirty shop windows, and sampling your vegan dishes while praising Baltimore chicken boxes.

Bravery is required to love correctly. Yes, there is a wrong way to love someone. It takes courage to let down that wall you have had up all this time, just long enough to let that one person in. Knowing in your heart once they are in, them leaving is left to their discretion alone and you are no longer in… control.

Love requires control. Controlling thoughts that fight your heart. Frustration bellows from your chest and audibly bounces off your tongue, causing you to say things that betray your destiny. Discard that thought as I hold you. When enjoined, we are everything tangible to one another.

-Nova Sankofa