How sugar spoils your teeth

Everyone knows sugar is not good for teeth. Sugar cause not only tooth decay but also cause infection in your mouth. 
Here are some tips for to protect yours and your kid’s teeth. It’s not the sugar stuff that cause decay but the chain of events causes the decay action. When you drink some soda or had a chewing gum, then the bacteria present on the teeth combine with the sugars that are left behind in the mouth causing the production of harmful acids that breaks down the teeth. Once the enamel of tooth got damaged, there will be formation of cavities. When this stage is left untreated, later in life you must treat your teeth by root canal treatments. In some cases you have to go for tooth extraction. 
• Try to reduce the intake of sugary food. Limit the intake of chewing gums, sodas, chocolates, soft drinks, sugary snacks. At home reduce the amount of sugar in your drinks (tea, fruit juices) and foods 
• Try to rinse the mouth with water after having sugary food. This can remove the excess sugar from your teeth
Visit the dentist regularly. Twice-annual appointments are crucial for removing the plaque and tartar that cause cavities.