8 Tips for user interviews that will improve your digital products

We’re always working to make our processes user-centered! This week, we share our best advice for getting valuable feedback from user interviews.

We always try to design our digital solutions from a user’s perspective. That sounds rather obvious — and really, it should be — but it can also be a pretty tough assignment. In the early stages of each project, we consult a wide variety of literature, trend research, blogs, case studies, etc to research how a particular group of will-be customers thinks, and to try to predict their expectations and the ways they might interact with our finished product. These insights are genuinely useful, but sometimes, nothing beats face time — and that is where user interviews come in.

User interviews as a research tool draw strong opinions; some people think they’re useless, others consider them the holy grail of feedback. In reality, as usual, the truth is probably somewhere in between. Personally, we feel user interviews can yield invaluable insights, if you approach them with the right mindset.

However, you may very well have built a product without having a background in research or journalism, which means you probably don’t have any experience interviewing people — and are unsure how to handle these user interviews.

Read the full article on our blog for our eight best tips for conducting user interviews that will help you build better products!

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