An energetic project: Building a self-service platform for Ferranti

Software firm Ferranti knocked on our door to help them expand their business model and build a new module for their flagship product.

Ferranti’s flagship product is MECOMS: a system made specifically to help energy providers and utility companies manage meter data and customer information. It helps utility companies in Europe, the Middle East, India and several Asian markets improve their business processes.

MECOMS is the leading product in its niche, but is currently aimed only at the utility providers — and not at their customers. However, most energy providers today offer some form of self-service to their customers; finding your best tariff online or entering your own meter readings has become the standard rather than the exception. After performing their own market research, Ferranti saw an opportunity to bridge this gap between MECOMS and these customers, and they came to us to help them shape this idea.

Our assignment: designing and developing a self-service portal for the end-user, to be included in the existing MECOMS offering, where it could tie in seamlessly with the databases and tools utility companies already use.

Want to read all about how we pulled it off, and take a look at the end results? You can read the whole article on our blog!

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