Our designers’ thoughts on Sketch 3.7

Sometimes it feels like yesterday we were still creating design specs by hand, animating prototypes with Keynote, and working with an estimated gazillion layer comps in Photoshop. Oh, and those tools would only receive a few new functionalities once a year.

For designers, things have changed quite a bit in the past years! New services, tools, plugins and apps are emerging faster than ever. And from those tools, the biggest impact on our workflows came from Sketch. We switched from Photoshop to the then very young app Sketch about two years ago ago, and we haven’t looked back. Today Sketch has become the standard for us and many other digital design teams worldwide. The app is still being developed by a very small team and while it still has a few issues, new and improved versions are being released at a rapid pace.

Bohemian Coding just launched Sketch version 3.7 (you can read the full release notes here). Obviously, v3.7 is not just a bug-squashing release! Apart from the expected fixes and performance improvements, the new Sketch comes with two major areas of improvements: Symbols and Text Styles.

In this post, we’ll take a dive into the new features and improvements and give you some insights in our design flows and processes. Click through to read on (GIFs included!).

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