Are you a white person about to comment on police violence? Read this first
Bridget Todd

As a complete aside, can someone tell me why, when people are apparently constantly in fear of death by cop, person after person are refusing to follow the simple command of “don’t move”? Yes there are much bigger issues, and yes simply not following that command should not necessitate deadly force. I am in no way trying to argue there isn’t something horribly wrong with these police killings.

But I’ve yet to see an answer on why this keeps happening. Logically, you would think a black guy getting pulled over by a cop right now would be doing everything in his power to not give the officer a reason to see him as a threat. It’s just absolutely baffling to me. You see shooting after shooting all over TV, you get pulled over, and you decide to disobey the people yelling “stop” or “get on the ground” when they are pointing guns at you?

I have no idea what actually happened in either of these last two shootings, and I’m not sure who was in the wrong. Yet there has to be a reason that both people chose to ignore that one simple command, right?

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