There are too many variables to just say Minnesota only gets a game.
Anthony Carrington

Both of those things could happen and they would still have no chance. Their offense MIGHT be as good as the Warriors(doubtful with a worse system and less shooters), but with Wiggins and Towns starting they couldn’t even hope to compete defensively.

Butler is far from easily a top 10 player. He’s not even easily top 15. There’s a pretty clear top 8 (Lebron, Durant, Curry, Westbrook, Harden, Davis, Giannis, CP3) and then you still have Cousins, PG, Griffin, Wall, Hayward, Jokic, Towns, Lillard, Kyrie, Lowry, and some I’m sure I’m forgetting. I think he’s better than some of the guys, but he’s likely not a top 10 player and definitely not “easily” one.

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