is the attempted point here that dame is more deserving of an all star berth than giannis?

He’s clearly not saying he’s better than Giannis, don’t be stupid. Giannis is top 8 in the league. And what a joke saying Conley might be better than Lillard. Hell Kyrie doesn’t even deserve a mention.

Lillard: 27–5–6 with 58.6% TS and 2.6 T/O

Irving: 25–3–6 with 58% TS and 2.5 T/O

One of those guys is the best player on his team, with defenses focused on him, and also runs the offense. The other has the best player in the world on his team, and isn’t responsible for anything other than iso scoring. They both take 20 shots a game. Let Lillard play offball from Lebron James and see what happens

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