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I think you are really, really underrating Westbrook. 2015 it wasn’t just KD hurt, their team was decimated, but whatever. Apparently being one of 4 guys in the league averaging 10 assists a game still doesn’t convince all the critics. When it comes down to it Kyrie is far behind his peers when it comes to getting teammates involved. Wall, Paul, and Westbrook all average over 10, Curry is Curry, and still averages 7, and Lillard averaged 7 while scoring 6 more ppg than Irving last year.

Chris Paul on the other hand…the dude averaged as many points as Kyrie last year, WHILE averaging over 10 assists, and also playing elite defense. No he’s not a better scorer than Kyrie, but offensive player? Kyrie has done nothing to show he can make an offense run like Chris Paul can. You put Paul on this Olympic team in place of Kyrie and half their problems disappear. Suddenly opposing point guards aren’t waltzing into the lane getting Cousins into foul trouble, and suddenly the ball would be flying around and we’re averaging 5 alley oops a game.

As far as the hypothetical, you did exactly that when bringing Westbrook into the game 5 scenario. I would argue replacing Dame with Irving(who are pretty similar players) is much more relevant than sticking Westbrook on that Cavs team.