that’s not what i asked — (what i asked was “is the point here that dame was more deserving of an…

Reading that sentence and thinking that what was meant was that Lillard deserved to be an allstar over Giannis is stupid. It’s very clear that’s not what he was suggesting.

“put kyrie on a team in 2017–18 where he’s the #1 option and he puts up dame stats or better. if anything, his stats are suppressed by playing with lebron.”

What a joke. You’re acting like Kyrie is the 4th option or some shit. Lillard and Kyrie both put up 20 shots a game. Lillard does this while running the offense, being the #1 focus of the defense, and not having Lebron James creating looks for him.

“ conley had a better Ortg and Drtg than dame (and kyrie) last season, a higher BPM and VORP, higher WS48, a higher TS%, and a better ORPM, a much, much better DRPM, and a better total RPM. by almost every statistical measure (other than simply ppg) conley was better than lillard.”

Funny, because Lillard leads Kyrie in every single one of those.

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