Creatures are coming to Novopangea!

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The popular creatures of Novopangea are being released into the wild. This is the first major feature release in the game that will begin to separate each realm.

This article is served to give more insight in the creature game loop, assets and timing.

Whitelist Release is on 8/8/23 @ 3pm UTC on NeftyBlocks for 1650 $NOVO each
Public Release is on 8/9/23 @ 3pm UTC on the
NOVO Shop for $19 each.
Game Feature Release is on 8/24/23

Update: 08/11/23: We’ve released the ability to blend your Common and Uncommon rarity Creatures into higher rarities. Read this Medium article for the details.

The above image is a draft of the creature card borders

The creature game loop feature release is tentatively scheduled for late July.

Earth Realm — Tywu (Medium). A protector at all cost and a servant of the lands. This ferocious jungle spawn will not be taken down.

Water Realm — Conshilla (Large). Towering levels of peace and destruction bind itself deep into the heart of this weightless sea walker.

Light Realm — Caprilu (Medium). Fluttering with elegance and deadly in nature, underestimating her could be your last mistake.

Shadow Realm — Rappisha (Large). She’s the maker of darkness and the movement of night. Solid ground will surely tremble.

Time Realm — Duquadrix (Medium). Stripped of time and emotion, this living, breathing weapon was holistically programmed to obey.

Space Realm — Kriegox (Large). Ice courses through the veins of this fierce predator. Once locked in it’s grip the end is near.

After Series One is released, the Novopangea art team will begin work on the second creature series, which will introduce a new creature for each realm.

Game Loop

The creature loop will be similar to our popular skilled worker loop. Each player will spend OBSD to send their creature into the wild to scavenge for resources. Your creature’s rarity, level and type will ultimately determine how many resources it returns with.

Each creature will have their own size, weight, level and luck that will determine what they find.

A creature can scavage and return with nothing or a combination of energy, building materials, food and an NFT. When realm specific resources are introduced later this year after the PVP release, the vision is to see your creature focusing mainly on scavenging for its realm.

After the creature returns from scavenging they will need to be fed and then rest within a Creature Farm. Each creature will have their own rest time.

A player will initially be able to send up to SIX creatures into the wild at once. A player will receive two unlocked spots to begin and they will then be able to unlock the additional four spots with $NOVO. Each unlocked spot will become increasingly more expensive to unlock with $NOVO.

To be clear, a player can have more than 6 creatures. While 6 are scavenging in the wild, the rest are resting or in your wallet.

The player will need to have gained access to the realm a creature is from to be able to use that creature. That means the creature needs to be from your home realm, OR you will need a Travel Pass or Mythic staked to have access. This is a similar requirement for your Workers.

This is an illustration to help players visualize the in-game experience and does not represent a final UI interface. The image is for reference only.

Creature Numbers

Numbers are subject to change in the future to protect the game economy

New Assets (NFTs)

Creature Cards
Each creature card NFT will come in either Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary or Mythic rarity. Each rarity will have the capability to be leveled up to Level 10. (fyi — upgrading will not be part of the initial release, but is intended to be ready with the Series Two release.)

We are also creating the creature card frames and attributes to be able to be used during PVP when ready. Pricing for these NFTs does not reflect use with the PVP utility, but only for the creature farm game loop.

Creature Farms

This image is not final.

The Creature Farm will operate similar to a Residential Building. Each Creature Farm will require 1 plot of land. A player will be able to upgrade their Creature Farm similar to how other resource buildings are leveled up. (fyi — upgrading will probably not be ready for initial release, but will be ready by Series Two.)

The Creature Farms will be released in the NOVO HUB to be redeemed for 21 Creator Credits. We will initially release 200 Creature Farms per realm. Each Creature farm will be able to rest 2 creatures at once.

Creature Farm Level 1 Properties
- 2 Spots
- Energy Needed per Spot: 155
- Recommended Resting Fee: 5 OBSD

How will the assets be released?

The creatures will be released in a realm specific creature pack. Each realm will have 500 packs (100 packs via $NOVO & 400 packs via fiat). Each pack will have a single Level 1 creature card of a random rarity.

Creature packs will initially be released on the Novopangea NeftyBlocks drop page and will be redeemed with $NOVO only. Players with a Novopangea Founders Passport PFP will have whitelist access to claim a pack for 1650 $NOVO. Each whitelisted wallet will be able to claim 2 Creature Packs per realm during the 48 hour whitelist duration.

After the whitelist, everyone will be able to redeem their creature packs with $NOVO. We will then release the remaining packs in our NOVO SHOP for purchase with fiat for $19 USD.

Pack rarity odds per realm

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*economy numbers are subject to change in the future to protect the economy.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general guidance and information purposes only. This article is not intended to be used or considered as financial or investment advice, a recommendation or an offer to sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities or other form of a financial asset. Please note that this is not an offer document. This article should not be considered investment research or an objective or independent explanation of the abovementioned matters, and it is not prepared under the regulation regarding investment analysis.




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