Limited Edition Alien Worlds Inspired Weapon In NOVO WAR

2 min readApr 15, 2024

Novopangea is thrilled to announce a special collaboration with the Alien Worlds community for our turn-based PvP game, NOVO WAR. Alien Worlds enthusiasts who own any Common Weapon NFT can blend it to receive a unique Limited Edition NOVO WAR weapon, ranging from Uncommon to Mythic rarity.

This distinctive weapon can be utilized by any NOVO WAR Hero, featuring exclusive attacks and the ability to upgrade to an Epic Rarity Limited Edition weapon within NOVO WAR. Furthermore, the design and name of this Limited Edition weapon will draw inspiration from the new lore of Alien Worlds, enriching the gaming experience with deeper narrative connections.

Community-Centric Design

Our art team at Novopangea is set to craft two preliminary designs for this Limited Edition weapon, which will be shared on X for a community vote. Following your feedback on the preferred design, we will refine the chosen concept into a detailed final design. Additionally, we’ll invite community members to contribute by suggesting names for this new weapon through another X engagement.

NOVO WAR Gameplay Insights

In NOVO WAR, players form a trio of heroes for combat, each hero able to wield a realm-specific weapon. This setup allows for a diverse mix of hero and weapon pairings, regardless of rarity, fostering a dynamic battlefield.

Key features include the ability to upgrade heroes and weapons through blending, enabling higher rarities and personalized attack strategies. Players can use Obsidian, the game’s currency, to purchase various strategic items like potions and buffs, enhancing their combat capabilities.

As players emerge victorious in battles, they earn experience points (XP) which contribute to leveling up their heroes and climbing the ranks on the league leaderboard, intensifying the competition.




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