Now Break Tea Achieved Sales Success in European countries


Now Break Tea — one of the greatest quality black teas available on the market is getting ready to the launch with the tea products on European markets. Now Break Tea’s main competitors are Lipton, Dilmah, Ahmad Tea now Break Teas are planning to gain quite good business on the market and currently is opening for your bids to become local distribution partner on particular European markets. We dont underestimate our competitors but we’d like Europe to test the main taste from the high-quality black tea. Although European customers have tried a lot of good teas, we want to establish Now Break Tea as being a brand tea they won’t look when compared with the others.

Green Tea

Most of Western people prefer black tea to teas. Pleasant flavor, deep color and rich taste of Now Break Tea will hit taste of each and every sophisticated tea-fan from Warsaw to Dublin. Now Break Tea is not simply a high-quality black tea; its and a consequence of an extensive work and cooperation, it carries the mysterious culture of Eastern website visitors to Western people and will make everyone to fall in love with its unforgettable taste.

Lipton Alternative

We have been longing show them to our European customers that coffee, that isn’t only delicious, but additionally tremendously healthy. Now Break Tea will end up the correct choice on your family breakfast, business lunch or ending up in a good friend. Bring your thermos flask of Now Break Tea every day, and now we can promise that you will have lots of energy at the office in the daytime. We have been proud to supply Europe this high-quality product, we have been ready to have a challenge and launch Now Break Tea on European markets, because were sure ‘s what Western individuals need.