Designing & Engineering for Today’s Mobile/ Social/ Video World

Welcome to the NowThis Tech Blog!

We know we aren’t the only ones taking on the challenges of distributing content across today’s rapidly changing media landscape. As leaders of the distributed media model, we know all too well the pain points that exist when it comes to producing, distributing and measuring video for an audience that now lives at the intersection of mobile and social. That’s why we decided to start this blog.

We’ve come to know this audience well — we’re the #1 video news publisher across all social platforms, getting more than 570M video views a month. It’s quite an achievement for a company that didn’t even exist 3 years ago, and we’re very proud. More importantly, in order to maintain rapid growth and sustain a path towards 1 billion monthly video views, we recognize that technology will play a key role in scalability.

So it’s our hope to use this blog as a way to foster a dialogue about tech’s impact on the changing landscape of the media industry — and we plan to share our experiences, approaches, successes, and even failures.

Let’s start by telling you why we love this stuff…

As content consumption has shifted from broadcast to web, and now more tangibly from web to mobile/social, we see a massive product and engineering opportunity to pioneer technology. We believe in this shift so much that we actually shut down our website and now distribute our content directly to where our audience lives — social feeds. However, the reality is today’s tech market barely provides a comprehensive solution to support these changes in social distribution and measurement. As engineers and product geeks, that’s exciting!

Our (ambitious) goal is to build products that expedite video publishing workflows and harness social data at the same time, in order to close the loop for our content creators, so they can make fast decisions that lead to optimal engagement across a number of social platforms. Our publishing team is a combination of strong editorial voices coupled with input from social insights, and you can follow them at this blog.

At the foundation of all the products we build at NowThis is our micro-services platform called Switchboard. We chose this name because it speaks to the segmented nature of the architecture, which provides us the capability to quickly build products on top of this dynamic platform. Switchboard services can be activated as needed, based on the requirements of products we conjure up in the product lab. Switchboard is the heart and soul of our social video-driven tech, and has been years in the making.

Switchboard, today and in the future, is only possible because of our talented engineers, designers, and product managers. Our rapidly growing tech team is laser-focused on helping to amplify the amazing stories from our producers and editors. We look forward to using this blog as a way to talk about that journey. We also hope that what we share here will be a valuable addition to our community of technology creators.