Week 4: Charette

“Don’t shout out ideas. Write down any idea on each post it note.” 
This week we did a product ideation, by ourselves and with the group. The exercise forced us to think of as many ideas as we can and hopefully get new and interesting ideas. “There are no stupid ideas,” my lovely groupmates said. It encourage me to write down my real thoughts without any barriers. I thought writing each idea on every post it note would not make a big difference,I realized how efficient is it now. Especially since we segmented all the post-it notes into categories and saw what pains or gains the seniors see as more important. We found individualism is very essential. As opposed to our previous thinking of how roommate sharing is a good idea. That is what we have to figured out next (maybe target only single seniors?).

Each of us have to draw a story of the character that we are targeting and my idea was to pair up baby boomers with international students, since both of them may not have family besides them. They could become like a second family and can decide themselves of when to spend time together. My group mate, Daniel, drew storyboard showing a wearable to check heart rate and provide service for baby boomers. We voted for that and kept going; however, our group struggled a bit through the wire flow and we noticed that wearable is not our MVP for now. We thought about making wearables at the very first beginning and it is nice that we brought it up and explored just a little bit. We agreed that we will spend time on other things.

The next step for us is to meet this Saturday and Sunday and go over the pains and gains that were taken from the interviews, rank them and create the customer profile and value proposition map. Then we will think through another story and draw out the wire flow and key screen. We can test with customer and pivot in order to move forward.

Updates: photos on sunday and saturday

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