Week 8: Keeping Janice

Reflection on teammates

Giving and taking criticism is based on caring. I have so much to learn from my teammates–they are kind, talented and great listeners who help and make me grow. Referring to the video by Radical Candor, our team care about each other and is willing to take and give criticism based on our team rules. We also addressed problems with teammates and I (fingers-crossed) hope that things will improve after this week since lateness and not doing work is a huge problem. But most of us have been enjoying working together.


I focus more on self-reflection actually. I am not used to taking a leadership role, but I am working on taking on this challenge as well. Throughout the weeks, I learned more about myself through my group. I observe my friends and try to copy what I admire about them such as their gesture, confidence, ability to control a room, and listening skills. Fake it until I make it.sometimes I lead our group conversation, and I feel awesome that we generate effective conversions.


We were having a hard time to choose to preserve or pivot and it looked like pivoting is a good idea after more research and feedback. It took us lots of courage to do that, especially since we all have worked so hard and so long on our original idea. One of our interviewees gave us a book, Services for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities, by the City and County of San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services intake Program. The book includes all the cheap or free services from government, public or private organizations. I read through the whole book and highlighted the most useful and important points that I think we need to address during our team conversions. I also called some of the companies to check their prices in order to get a better sense of their business. Price is a big consideration of whether our customers would want to get our product or not, especially since we are targeting seniors who have little or no retirement saving. I believe that everyone should have access to great products/services.