I am afraid of police officers with guns. That is the whole point of them wearing the guns.
Steve Gee

Actually Steve, the whole point of police officers wearing guns is the fact that their job descriptions task them with enforcing laws, and sometimes in the course of doing their jobs they require the ability to shoot at people, and possibly kill them.

You know all those ‘active shooter’ killings as of late? Those are just some of the many different types of dangerous situations police officers are expected to step into and solve, while all the civilians in the area are attempting to get away. Sometimes, that is what the job requires of them.

Can you imagine being told by your boss to go into a building with an ‘active shooter’ scenario playing out, without having a gun yourself?

(The correct answer is no. If you can imagine that scenario, and it turns out in any other way then you getting shot and killed, that is called a fantasy.)

So Steve, the gun that police officers wear isn’t so much a fashion accessory as it is a job based necessity.

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