I’m sorry you feel harassed by my sarcastic response to your insults.
Mirah Curzer

I figured it out. Here’s my problem, maybe you can help me out with it: the reason I want to block you is because you’re shutting down the conversation based on your unwillingness to discuss the definition of Feminism. Language is funny, because there are things that are implied, and things that are stated directly. You imply I’m a sexist, mysoginist, idiot; while I state directly that you are a feminazi.

That is the traditional difference between the way men and women communicate: women imply, men state categorically. If I try to point out what you are implying, you can simply use plausible deniability to deny my statement. Whereas when I state directly what it is that you are doing, you get to become upset and say I’m being insulting. Which I am, directly. Then you and your pals can share quotes and screen shots taken out of context to build yourselves up into a frenzy at how horrible men like me are. You’re indirect insults go unacknowledged meanwhile. And this is the problem between people like you and I.

This sticking point from my perspective, and your insistence that we start our discussion based on a word that has 2 entirely different meanings is a problem for me. Feminism is both a theory and a practice, if you want to talk about theory using the definition you gave, fine. But if you want to talk about the practice of Feminism using the same definition you gave, that’s a problem for me. This little discussion has all the characteristics of a non-productive discussion verging on a full out pissing match which I’ve got little enthusiasm for. I’m not one of those guys who gets upset and gives up on totally reasonable points of discussion because I’m afraid I’m not sensitive enough to Feminists. So if you are looking for one of those guys to trash online, go look somewhere else because I’m not the guy for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for an intelligent discussion on the theory of Feminism as defined by you earlier, I’m all for that. In gentlemanly fashion I’ll leave the choice up to you.

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