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When you look at someone, you immediately judge them. It’s just what people do. So when producers, followers, fans, businesses, anyone goes to visit your profile on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, they immediately judge you and what you have to offer. What your content portrays about you is how people will perceive you.

This makes the decision whether they are going to follow you, whether they want to reach out to you, whether they want to offer you an endorsement. SO there’s some things to do to when making your profile clean and approachable.

Whatever you do, whatever your brand is, whatever you’re selling, make it real. Promote content around your personal brand that actually reflects you as a person. It’s necessity to follow some cool trends but don’t post about things that you’re not passionate about because followers will be able to tell what’s fake and what’s genuine.

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Quality Matters

With being genuine, you still need to have quality content. People love vibrant, appealing pictures. Quality, valuable pictures make you look valuable. You want people to do a double take on your photos. You want people to be intrigued when they look at your page and scroll and scroll through every picture until they can’t anymore. So no graininess, no bad lighting, not too much hardness, no derogatory terms, not too much saturation, no extremely busy pictures (unless some of those effects are the theme of your page).

Take a look at some other celebrities that fall into the same category as you and take some advice from their photos, captions, videos, etc. Pay attention to the angles, the quality, the outfits, the locations because every detail makes that photo.

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Unless you have a friend with a Canon Eos 5d Mark III, then look around for local photographers, take a little from the savings jar and do some photo shoots. Bring some different outfits, hit up a cool location and show the photographer some examples of inspiration. Look up how some celebrities edit their pictures. And then throw some fitting filters on your fire pictures through, or Afterlight App. And boom! There you go!

Fire picture uploaded. 🔥

Keep the regular stream of photo shoots going so you can have a steady stream of quality pictures. As such…


By having a steady stream of pics, it’s best to post once everyday if possible… But it’s honestly very hard to get good quality content to post every single day unless you’re on top of your photo shoots. So set a reminder and try to post every other day or at least three days out of the week. People will unfollow you if they think you’re not active!

SO keep your name popping up on their timeline with fire content as much as possible!

And it’s best to post on a regular time schedule. Now there’s a strategy to this. It depends on what social media platform you’re posting on meaning Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and where your followers are from- West or East or even a different country. Posting around 9:00 pm is the best time to post if you’re appealing to both coasts. Posting a good picture is one thing, but having a good caption to go along with it is another…

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Don’t forget strong, positive captions! Ask an in depth question- “Where are all my great followers from?” or “What’s your favorite album right now?”. Quote a song (depending on your fan base, use appropriate lyrics👍🏽. Ask for feedback. Do a giveaway- a free custom shirt, $20.00, a free ticket to a game or concert.

Some followers will unfollow if all you post is very arrogant or super inappropriate captions because they’ll think all you want is money and don’t want to interact with fans. Captions are just as important as the actual picture because it shows your fans you actually care and appreciate them!

Be interactive! Take a look at these famous IG Pros ↓


Quality content. Posting pictures with fans. Instagram stories that show him helping out the community.

Cool pictures. Instagram Swipe Up Story (Only available for users with 10K + followers) sharing info about new releases. Creative questions for captions.

Vibrant, happy photos. Follower appreciation posts as captions. Giveaways.


Another way to stay interactive is to post cool, personal stories or even better, go live regularly. Have interesting topics to talk about, communicate with your followers and answer their questions. Give an inside look to your daily life routine, promote your most recent post with a “Show some love and I’ll return”, give an inside look to your newest song, product or promotion, and even do some giveaways on your stories too! They’ll love it and most likely comment on your posts!

This will make you gain your current follower’s trust and more followers in general. You do want more followers, likes and comments, right?

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As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into having a famous, engaging profile. Followers and especially businesses will take a look at your profile and immediately decide if they want to follow or do business with you. So better make your page and your content clean, valuable, appropriate and appealing.

One deal could change everything.

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