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In With the New, Out With the Old

When you think of realtor marketing, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? The typical sign in the yard with a profile picture and a “For Sale” or “Sold” sign, right? Realtors would be surprised that that’s not the best way to market.

Having billboard ads and yard signs are one of the main ways that realtors have advertised in the past. The key point there is in the past. Let’s face the facts, newspaper ads and yard signs are going out of style. Not saying that yard signs in the lot for sale or a sold house aren’t helpful because they can be specifically if the sign has a profile picture, your contact information and maybe a website link or a scannable link to find out more about you as a realtor and what else you have for sale. It’s just not the best way to market in the generation of growing technology that we live in today.

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Put Yourself in the Buyer’s Shoes

So what does real estate marketing and realtors have to do with social media?

People search for houses more often online than drive around looking for yard signs. The use of social media is on the rise every single day for anything and everything, specifically pertaining to house hunting. Having quality social media accounts and professional business profiles can make you more approachable, build trust and spread your marketing.

By using social media, it provides a way to further connect with your local applicants, future clients and realtor groups while boosting your real estate marketing efforts and spreading your name as a quality realtor.

It’s just the time we live in where everyone searches for anything online and house hunting online is the main way that people search for a property. It’s time to adjust and gain some knowledge on today’s habits and trends.

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So let N2 give you some advice.

Really Quality Social Media for Really Quality Realtors

It’s important to make a business profile whether that’s on LinkedIn or Facebook. Believe it or not people will not only look on social media for a house but they will want to make sure that their realtor is a quality and serious person to go through. On your professional page, promote business and business only on that page. By having all the valuable information on your Facebook business page such as your quality, professional profile picture, who you work for and pictures of the houses you have up for sale or have happily sold, this will increase not only your views but your engagement, sales and interests.

Most, not all, but most older people are already settled where they want to be probably for the rest of their life. It’s usually young people searching for an apartment, a house or an office. And young people search the web. They search the web for advice, backgrounds on realtors and possible properties for sale. It’s rare for anyone now to search through the newspaper or anything else that’s not the internet.

Even though you have a realtor’s license and consider yourself professional, not everyone knows that especially with the amount of scammers there are out there nowadays. So having a business page makes you look professional, legit and trustable. It’s all about looking classy, professional and serious about what you do. Which is exactly what you want your future buyers to see and feel when they look you up.

Because think about it, if you were wanting to buy something as big and expensive as a house or office space, would you go through the person whose occupation says realtor on their profile along with pictures of their kids, their favorite book and what they had for breakfast this morning OR the person whose profile says real estate agent, professional pictures of themselves and their brand, multiple statuses and pictures with their happy, sold customers and a link to contact them? Obviously you’d go with the page that looks more professional and serious. Especially since you’re considering such a great financial buy. Put yourself in a home buyer’s shoes!

The Smart Way to Advertise on Social Media

Having advertisements is one thing and having good, valuable marketing is another. People want to tour and see before they buy. And you would too. Post as many pictures and even video tours as you can. Post on,,, everywhere that you can. The more people you reach, the better chances you have of selling the lot. And the more information you have, the more social media sources you’re on, the more quality pictures and good marketing you have, the better the customers will recommend you or even buy from you again!

The best way to do this is through Facebook ads. They are very helpful in the marketing world. Even N2 uses Facebook Ads! It’s the best way to get market your brand to the right people. You don’t want your housing ads popping up on someone who is 14 years old shopping on Best buy because most likely they’re not house hunting… With the Facebook Ads, you can select who you want your Ads to target.

How cool is that? You can select what age range, what location, what gender and even what related websites/ pages you want your Ad to be advertised on. Need more information? Use your new web browsing skills and search about Facebook Ads. Or even better, just ask N2 for one on one personal advice!

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People actually pay attention to Ads they see across their Facebook or their Instagram. You’d be surprised. Yes, people still do watch TV and commercials. But now with everyone having a smart phone, people will sit on their phone with the TV on. And the attention is focused on the phone. Most people aren’t fond of commercials because they just want their Big Bang Theory or Seinfeld to come back on. All commercials are are advertisements. So while all the annoying Ads go across the screen, people grab their phone and scroll through their timeline or their feed just for an update. If the person is on the lookout to move, while they are scrolling, if they were to see a beautiful house for sale, they would most likely click it and check it out! Compared to if a house for sale came across the television.

So whether you’re tech savvy or not, it’s okay! Here’s some advice. Go to Google and search, explore and research some more about social media. Look up tutorials and videos on Youtube about how to function Facebook or Reach out to other realtors through Coldwell Banker or Comey & Shepherd Realtors and ask questions! Ask “How do I get my name as a realtor and my realtor brand out there? How do I get my business page up and running, looking professional and reaching the eyes of house hunters?” It’s that simple.

Sounds a little ironic right? Searching the internet to learn about the internet. That’s the best way to learn how people advertise through social media aka Facebook Ads, Instagram promotions and Tweets including a link to your business. So if you’re still going old school by putting up signs in yards and ads in the newspaper, you need to step it up. Not saying those tactics don’t work but they are surely not the best way to advertise nor get ahead of your competition.

Speaking of Competition…

As more younger agents appear in the realtor world, they are more familiar with social media, the younger generation and how they shop/search. Younger agents are using social media on Facebook & Instagram to get people to check out open houses which is going even farther than just marketing. So with that means more competition for the senior realtors already in the realtor game. Not only is the competition on how many houses you sell but it’s about who has the best marketing. Younger agents learned how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and create websites when they were probably teenagers while most adults learned in their early twenties. If you want to be on top of the sales and have happy clients, adjust, market, advertise and market some more on every social media platform that you can.

More Questions?

So focus less on your marketing yard signs and more on your Facebook ads and social media promotions. Contact N2 for more advice and info!




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