How You Can Protect against Damage to Tile Floors as a Dog or Cat Owner

Pet Owner

Getting a pet includes many responsibilities. However, attending to for your pet also comprises of preventing damage to your house and your possessions. Tiled floors can take a beating, so it is essential to protect your grout from stains. We advise that grout cleaning should be left to the professionals. The experts at Nu-Life Cleaning Services will bring your tile and grout back to life with our one of a kind cleaning technology.
Cleaning grout by yourself, just won’t work efficiently
 Dog and cat urine can be left on the floor for several hours if you are not home. However, if pet urine is not cleaned up in time, it may cause permanent grout staining and damage. Once urine first touches flooring, it consists of a pH of around 6. When urine dries, the pH rises and often changes the colour of the surface it was laid on. This is an effect of oxidation and reaction with the surface. If not resolved immediately and left to dry for long periods of time, the stain becomes everlasting. Regrettably, the damage becomes irreversible. Diy grout cleaning kits will not be able to remove stains brought on by urine. To get these deep stains removed, you will need the help of a professional grout cleaner. 
 To safeguard against stain damage on grout, pet owners must have their grout sealed. That will help protect against discoloration, staining, and daily dirt and grime. Additionally, sealed grout makes cleaning less difficult, allowing pet owners to protect their tiled surfaces for longer.
Plan for regular grout cleaning for hygienic factors
 A quick scrub of tile floors could get rid of visible dirt; pet accidents may be the best breeding grounds for bacteria. To fight this threat of spreading bacteria, pet owners should dedicate to regular cleanings. A professional grout cleaning service increases the visible appearance of tile, but it will also disinfect tile surfaces and grout to destroy all germs and bacteria that may be growing.
 If you are seeking a professional tile and grout cleaner in Ontario Canada consider using Nu-Life Cleaning Services.