I don’t, You don’t, We don’t.

Just because words are beautiful and fun to share

I don’t have to be with you to be with you

I don’t have to touch you to feel you

I don’t have to have you to know your worth

I don’t need to kiss you to to get roused by you

I don’t have to be by you to make you smile

I don’t have to see you to want you

I don’t have to keep prodding to be fascinated

You don’t have to speak words, I get you

You don’t have to be my dream girl to be in my dreams

You don’t have to be anything else to inspire my desire

You don’t get to go far before I miss you

You don’t need to hide you, I found you, I see you

You don’t need to be in pain to have me want to hold you

You don’t need to read this to know this, but don’t stop

We don’t need to run away to make it exciting (maybe we do)

We don’t need drugs or alcohol to go crazy (do we?)

We don’t need to be together to have an experience (should we)

We don’t need the world to stop to see through all the haze to each other (I don’t)

We don’t need this piece to start it up all over again (we do)

I don’t, you don’t, we don’t and that’s all well and good, But

I’d rather be with you, you for me and I, You

I’d rather touch you, feel every fringe of hair

I’d rather have you, me alone and no one else

I’d rather kiss you, share chemistries

I’d rather be by you, know your heat signature

I’d rather see you in every form, want you more with every passing time together

I’d rather see beneath your beautiful to stay fascinated

I’d rather not stop writing here but I can, and I will, you know where my lips are — they speak as much as my fingers……….

I wonder who I wrote this for.