nCash Pay is Now Enabled with Digital Wallet Integration and Scan-to-Pay

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Jan 19 · 3 min read

At Nucleus Vision, we’re dedicated to providing solutions that are holistic and dynamic to the needs of our customers. With that, we’re stoked to present the new-and-improved nCash Pay — a payment solution for merchants. nCash Pay introduces a method to link digital wallets, and pay via a scan-to-pay feature without exiting the payment gateway.

The provision for integrating digital wallets, and making payments using a scan- to- pay feature will allow users to begin and finish the payment activity within nCashPay without the inconvenience of shifting between multiple applications to copy-paste transaction IDs. With the addition of these payment options, any shopper with a valid email id and an ERC20 wallet id can make hassle-free payments through nCash Pay.

nCash Pay is taking the nCash token loyalty program to greater heights to engage both merchants and the general consumers. While improving the customer experience by reimaging loyalty programs, nCash provides merchants with an innovative means to run their business.

Empowering Merchants, Engaging Consumers

In addition to providing a simple yet sophisticated payment method, nCash Pay is also built to empower merchants with opportunities to grow their businesses. nCash Pay opens up the door to the Nucleus Vision Community — one of the biggest blockchain communities in the world. With access to 100,000 members of Nucleus Vision community, , merchants can explore business opportunities with a wider base of consumers.

(You can read more about nCash Pay and how it helps merchants here.)

nCash Pay is also paving a way for alternative digital payment options for consumers. Not only does it streamline purchase journeys with improved payment solutions, but it also provides a simple way to bring cryptocurrency adoption to the masses.

(Learn more about How to Make Payments Using nCash Pay here.)

nCash Pay is one of the many facets that make up the Nucleus Vision ecosystem. It is an extension of Nucleus Vision’s native token — nCash — that has enabled a universal loyalty program that is empowering merchant-customer relationships in the retail sector.

With the new-and-improved nCash Pay, we have an exciting offer for merchants who wish to equip their businesses with nCash Pay. By registering for nCash Pay before 31 January 2019, and start accepting payments, you will be charged with zero transaction fees.

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