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Jun 24 · 4 min read

“You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with”

My father was an entrepreneur, and since a very young age, I knew what it meant to run a business. And the most important part of the business is working with the right people. At Nucleus Vision, I’ve been blessed with the best technology and management teams in the market today.

My experience at Harvard is what led to the inception and growth of Nucleus Vision and I strongly felt that given the evolving market, it was necessary for me to go back and finish my MBA.

Why I went back to Harvard

It only took 5 years to finish, but with the benefit of hindsight, I wouldn’t have done my MBA any differently. With the experience of running a startup and growing it to working with some of the biggest names in our industry, I could take a lot more out of my MBA this time around. What I wanted from my Harvard experience was much more defined, and I made the most of it.

I attended the classes that would teach me how to overcome the deficiencies of Nucleus Vision today. I connected with professors, who I knew had the key strategic insight to take Nucleus Vision to the next level. I hung out with classmates who have, like me, run and exited startups before and are solving big problems.

I went back to Harvard with a singular aim — to derive all the knowledge I need to take Nucleus Vision to the next level.

Now, don’t get me wrong — all the while I was at Harvard, I was also involved in the day to day operations of running Nucleus Vision. I could not have done this without the able support of my team in India and US and my professors were exceptionally understanding. I can’t thank them enough for the number of deadline extensions on my assignments and going over tough management concepts as many times as I needed.

Another reason why Harvard is coveted is the network that you interact with. Over the past year, I have met more remarkable people in business who all have added so much value to me. I can now proudly say that I know the future’s most powerful business leaders on a first name basis and this network is already helping us open doors to markets and industries that want solutions like Nucleus Vision.

Now, I can safely say that my time at Harvard has ensured the future of my company. How you ask? Let me explain -

Access to investors

The investor network at Harvard and its associates is one of the most powerful ones in the world. I have had the chance to dine and network with heads of billion-dollar hedge funds, institutional and accredited investors and even sovereign funds, who love the idea of Nucleus Vision and are looking at working with us.

Hiring world-class talent

We have been able to add to our team with mentors, consultants, and employees based out of the USA. These are pioneers in the UX, blockchain, marketing, and retail strategy. They are now working with us to upgrade the Nucleus Vision product, led by our COO, Nishtha Rohatgi, which all of you will see very soon. And I mean in a few days.

Onboarding new partners

As I stated in my recently concluded AMA sessions, we are looking to enter the US, Korea, and EMEA markets. As markets, Nucleus Vision provides a perfect fit, given the digital penetration and more defined crypto law. We have also made manufacturing partners, who will speed up our sensor deployment. My time at Harvard has given me the chance to onboard these partners who you will see announced in the coming days.

R and D setup

We have also set up a new research and development center in the USA for our sensor technology. Headed by our very own Sushmita Sinha, this team brings people with vast embedded systems and telecommunications expertise, to bring more developments to our proprietary sensor technology.

Most importantly, my time at Harvard has reinforced my faith in Nucleus Vision. We may be ahead of the curve, but our current liquidity can very easily mitigate that. Remember, we’re one of the few companies that have survived the bear market of 2018. We are in very good shape for the foreseeable future and better still.

To all nCash holders — I have always been committed to Nucleus Vision, but this time around, we are more armed and capable than we’ve ever been. We have the confidence of our long term investors and I can’t wait to bring all the updates which we have been silently working on for so long.

The rocketship is taking off — join us!

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