One to One Marketing: Myth or Boon

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Jul 9 · 3 min read

Whether it’s the right set of songs on a Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, a TV show or movie you may be interested in on Netflix, or a useful product recommended on Amazon, personalised recommendations on these platforms can really help users navigate through the plethora of choices that are vying for our attention at any given moment.

With personalisation, brands are trying to do the same, which is to successfully reach out to their audience amongst the information overload that we’re subjected to everyday. Not just that, but relevant personalisation could have other far reaching effects on us. It can make us feel valued, as though these brands actually understand and care about us. It can give us a sense of control, owing to the feeling that these brands are catering to our needs, and we have the ability to finally choose or influence what information we see or receive. These personalised recommendations can also be very helpful, especially when they act as reminders for something you need, but forgot about, or when you discover something useful to you that you may have never thought of yourself.

It’s important to note that, personalised recommendations aren’t just for the consumers. Several studies have pointed out, businesses who have been actively working on personalisation have been faring much better than those who haven’t. If we revisit the examples of Spotify, Netflix and Amazon, I had mentioned earlier, not only are they widely known for their work in the field of personalised recommendations, they are also well known as leaders in their respective industry.

In fact, a study by PwC states, 12% of consumers choose their favourite brands based on personalised offers. Another study by Infosys said, 59% of shoppers believed personalised experiences had a significant influence on their purchase. Furthermore, as personalisation is all about understanding and fulfilling the needs of consumers, it can have a significant impact on the overall customer experience, which can consequently show up on your bottom line.

59% of shoppers believed personalised experiences had a significant influence on their purchase.

Although, the data backs it up, and most businesses claim personalisation to be a priority, many are yet to proactively work towards this objective. If your business is among those, enabling personalised recommendations is just the place to begin your personalisation journey.

While businesses such as Amazon, Netflix and Spotify may have spent millions developing the Artificial Intelligence technology that makes their personalised platforms work, today, enterprise technology providers such as Nucleus Vision are enabling businesses with the power of AI, IoT and Blockchain to do the same at a fraction of the cost.

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