Umang Software and Data Processing Lab Enter Into a Strategic Partnership with Nucleus Vision

At Nucleus Vision, we are always at the forefront of driving massive industry growth and welcome collaborations to exchange domain expertise in the areas of retail and technology. Recently, we have entered into a partnership with two Indian software firms namely Umang Software Technologies and Data Processing Lab to explore joint go-to-market strategies.

Umang Software is an export-oriented unit affiliated under Software Technology Parks of India. The company’s domain expertise spans multiple sectors including retail, e-commerce, healthcare, data mining, and artificial intelligence and offers services in emerging technologies.

Speaking about the partnership, Mangirish Salelkar, CEO & Co-Founder of Umang Software Technologies, said:

He said “Online retailers have got a head start over offline retailers as they possess customer intelligence. Nucleus Vision’s technology levels the playing field for brick-and-mortar stores with unprecedented customer intelligence. We are really excited to be a part of the revolution.”

Data Processing Lab is a business intelligence and robotic process automation services firm with a diverse portfolio in industries including healthcare, education, and hospitality.

Rudraprasad Das, COO of Data Processing Lab, talks about the partnership:

He said, “As far as retail is concerned, customer intelligence is fundamental to decision making in retail. We’ve been delivering business intelligence services to our clients in a variety of industries. We believe our partnership with Nucleus Vision can open new opportunities for us in the retail space.”

Following the partnership, we will tap into the geographical advantage and networks of Umang Software and Data Processing Lab to increase the adoption of Nucleus Vision technology.

Speaking about the partnerships, Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision said:

He said, “We’re investing a lot of efforts into product research and development to keep our technology ahead of time. As we aim to disrupt the global retail industry, we partner with organizations that come forward to join our journey. And we’re happy to have Umang Software and Data Processing Lab onboard.”

For the uninformed, we developed a proprietary sensor technology to provide unprecedented customer insights for brick-and-mortar retailers to increase sales conversions and repeat visits. Know more about the value we have delivered to our retail partners through the initial pilot project here.

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