Node Vs. Accounting

No longer scary, but not a cake walk either. The veil has been dropped, the mystery of the server revealed! And I feel it’s almost like….. accounting. In both fields, you basically do the same tasks over and over. In accounting where one might look for tax incentives, loops, and write offs, in a backend server, you’re optimizing, scaling, and enhancing performance. I suppose it’s arguable, but both fields don’t exactly allow much ground in terms of creativity that pays off in any meaningful way.

An accountant’s main tool is their knowledge of the tax laws. A properly trained bean counter will be able to use the letter of the law to scour your financial landscape for any and all loose couch pennies in order to maximize your yearly return. Likewise, a backend coder utilizes their knowledge of Node’s many dependencies. With these libraries/tools, they are able to increase speed, save space and cut down on needed resources.

For many professions, you are only as good as the quality of your tools, in these 2 cases, you are only as good as your knowledge to use them.

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