Lessons learned at eMerge Americas 2018

Words of wisdom from Manny Medina and Pitbull.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get”, said Manny Medina, the founder of eMerge Americas at the startup bootcamp the day before eMerge. “This was created for all startups to gain exposure, so take advantage of it. Anyone can have great ideas, but you are among the few that took action and have come this far”, he added.

The Nukondo team couldn’t agree more. After two years of hard work they’ve launched their app, one week prior to the leading innovation trade-show in Miami. “Every new condominium project is in essence a startup”, says it’s founder Jorge Brugo. “Nukondo is to new condo buildings, what eMerge Americas is to tech startups. It streamlines the interactions between condo developers, master brokers, buyers and agents, and a wide array of ancillary service providers.” he adds.

Nukondo debuted as the newest and most promising real estate tech startups in Miami, and was very well received among the community. “I no longer need to waste gas to visit projects all around, deal with dropbox links with information for me to sort out, or call the sales center for missing information. This is amazing, it was about time!”, said one of many realtors that tested the application at the booth.

It took one year just to come up with a business model, which at first was highly disruptive and conflicting, but ended up being inclusive and helpful to everyone in the field, something that occurred as a result of ongoing sessions in Silicon Valley with world class app consultants, paired with rigorous vetting from the faculty at Harvard Business School (Mr. Brugo’s alma mater). Brugo developed his company with the challenges he faced as a condo developer in mind. Nukondo streamlines a large, slow, and expensive process while bringing transparency to an infamous segment of the market, which is rather volatile. Pitbull, a seasoned tech investor impressed the audience with his sharp questioning during the closing session, where the 5 selected startups pitched. The end goal of Nukondo, is to go “worldwide”.

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