I’m a disheartened by some of these comments that are trying to place the blame on one particular…
j. m.

“These capitalistic institutions totally destroyed the self-governing systems that were in Africa” … lol

Those self-governing systems you’re talking about were almost entirely based on tribalism, brutality, and slavery. You can still see them at work today in countries like Mali or Mauritania (where close to 20% of the population still lives in slavery).

The conditions in Africa that are forcing millions of people to seek asylum are the consequence of much more recent events than those you enumerate in an attempt to blame the failings of local policies, corruptions, dictatorial regimes, and widespread divisiveness, etc on things that happened long ago.

As counter-examples to your rhetoric, consider post World War 2 Germany or Japan (who were quick to rebuild from the ashes), consider the Asian tiger economies (quick to develop once independent and after being reformed by visionary leaders) or some of the Gulf States (EAU).

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