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Taking a New Approach To Employment

Canada’s jobs numbers for July have been corrected to show that employment rose by 41,700, not the 200 that statistics agency first reported last week. The agency failed to count workers who should have been categorized as full-time employees. According to corrected data, employment rose by 41,700 in July, the result of an increase in part-time work (+60,000). Full time employment declined by 18,100. The unemployment rate dropped 0.1 percentage points to 7.0%.In the 12 months to July, employment increased by 157,000 or 0.9%, with most of the growth in part-time work. The total hours worked were up slightly (+0.3%) compared with July 2013.

In July, employment increased among people aged 25 to 54 and youths aged 15 to 24, while it fell among people aged 55 and over. Provincially, employment increased in Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador, while it declined in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In July, there were more people employed in educational services and in information, culture and recreation. At the same time, employment declined in construction as well as health care and social assistance. Private sector employment increased in July, while the number of self-employed declined.


“Heavenly Devotion Towards a Sweet Oasis Of Growth”

Lets Begin with a simple quote “ We ought to develop simplicity to receive a much complex but simplified results “ Vol 3 Wilson Jaskelly. Many start ups are more focused on developing positive changes towards helping our society, but what happens when society that we live in, is a funky place, it understands it needs a change but not everyone is comfortable being out and trying something unknown. Many will speculate that each notion towards change might bring unprecedented outcome, none the less, we might not end up controlling change, that is needed if the goal is to progress and develop a much greater technological and social growth.

Numble, is begging to revolutionize made first world problems, starting with a high unemployment rate. We have developed and funded Numble, with a single intention, to bring change and joy into peoples life, for whatever reason did not accomplish their goals in life, from making horrible business mistakes that put them out of business, to dealing with life situations that caused them to shut down. Every year, prices are going up, the demand for a better life is going up but most importantly, whats shocking, both of these factore’s are out weighted because the unemployment rate is doubling each year, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

What Is Our Main Goal For 2014–2015 ?

“We Can Only Achieve This With Your Help”

  1. Reach $100,000 in funds. That alone with allow to get things up and running in terms of covering operational cost for the first 3 years. We already have a staff of 4 people, that are currently working on our goal towards building a central hub that contains the following software and operational availability. Taking on a different approach towards coding (Our team will handle all the hard lifting from, coding a website — to — IOS building, We only need a general idea of what the business is and what is the importance of its model, type of niche it is trying to break into. Video conferences (many clients already have, existing business and they might not be present during scheduled meetings, since we live in a world of smartphones and tablets, Numble, team will optimize their possibilities to give clients : Updates, Analytical Tactics, New Competitors, Brand Loyalty, etc…, business development, taking API’s public, we are here in front of you asking for a chance to change the world and most importantly have a great profit in between the two.

A fraction of what we are going to up bring. Stay tuned to our news letter and more breaking are coming your way !

  • Stas Kotlyarov
  • Numble, CEO
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