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No. I reject this conclusion entirely.

Mandatory minimums for rape will not disproportionately affect poor people and people of color. It will disproportionately affect poor rapists and rapists of color. I want that. I want all the poor rapists and rapists of color to be in prison with extremely long sentences. Then I want all the white rapists and rich and middle-class rapists to be in prison with extremely long sentences.

Maybe someone commits a drug crime, and they go to prison, they rethink their choices, and they realize what they did was wrong, so they decide that when they’re released they’ll do something to help others. Maybe that person can’t follow through because they’re stuck under a needlessly long sentence.

Drug crimes, theft, even murder, basically any other crime, I can see how a good person could justify that crime to himself, commit it, regret it, and be rehabilitated. It’s possible a good person could convince themselves that a murder is the right thing to do. The very concept of rape fills me with such visceral revulsion that I cannot possible conceive of a circumstance under which someone with any shred of human decency could do such a thing. And yet I think I read, probably on this site, that the average rapist commits six rapes. I do not, cannot believe that there is any chance of rehabilitation for someone who commits one rape, never mind six. I want the mandatory minimum to be life, because I can’t imagine a circumstance in which releasing a rapist will turn out to be a good thing, where a regret-filled rapist does something kind that helps someone else.

If mandatory minimums don’t deter crime, as the article states… I guess I believe that. But harsher sentences for the offenders is at least some small progress. So I say enact mandatory minimums for rapists, then go draft a bill that will protect victims.

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