Diving into the Cesspool: Fixing YouTube
Randi Lee Harper

I love YouTube so much as a platform and service, but I still can’t wrap my head around how incomplete its system is.

It’s not just the video suggestions that’s a problem, but why can’t I just block whole channels who fudge their tags/titles to pollute the system? How about just giving more weight to my subscribed channels when making a playlist? (since a subscription should be enough of a consent by a user to show that, “Yes, I want more of this content please.”) Hell, the worst part about the current system is how one auto-playlist video can poison your account. (ie. Somehow went from interesting old-world toys, to science education related to gravity, to disproving the exsistance of god somehow?, to the eventual ANGRY MAN RANTS ABOUT WEMON RUINING EVERYTHING.)

Seriously, what the fk YouTube? I’m grateful I can remove stuff from my history easier now, but why is it using auto-play history as equal weight in the next video compared to my actual “Click channel, click videos, select video, thumbs up” picks?

I really hope someone sees and works on these issues. I doubt that YouTube is going to disappear overnight, but the fact that it’s the defacto video hosting site should mean that it should have teams of people working on what’s very much the biggest issues of the platform.

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