How Hard is it to Find an Abortion Clinic in the US?

Abortion Laws: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Today, 89% of counties in the United States have no abortion clinic. There have been 288 restrictions in various states since 2011 and more under consideration in 2016. These are called TRAP laws or Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers which creates unnecessary restraints on a woman’s ability to control her health or right to choose. These laws are enforced by anti-choice advocates who claim that these laws defend the health and security of women.

Many of these Trap laws have forced many abortion clinics out of business because the clinics cannot meet their requirements due to lack of funding. These laws ultimately restrict accessibility for women to take care of their health, making it more expensive and challenging and to attain the care they need.

Examples of unnecessarily ridiculous TRAP laws:

Costly Facility Renovations Abortion Clinics Cannot Afford Resulting in Shutdown

Kansas-need bigger janitor’s closets of 50 square feet, separate locker rooms for patients and staff, set temperature between 68–73 degrees always

South Carolina- specific regulations to what flowers, plants, grass, vegetation can be planted, and how they must be maintained

North Carolina- must have a nourishment station for in between meal snacking

Texas-Doctors must first get an, “admitting privilege,” from a hospital within 30 miles away from abortion clinic location before they are able to perform an abortion, which is extremely challenging

Indiana- Must have bathroom and water fountain in every waiting room

Virginia-Need updated Ventilation systems, wider public hallways at least 5 feet, staff hallways can be 3.8 feet, ventilation systems cannot have sounds higher than 65 dba units, four parking spaces for each procedure room

Illinois- Need safer fireproof doors

Missouri- Procedure rooms must be at least approximately 12 square feet and 9 feet high, counseling rooms 10 square feet, and doors must be 44 inches wide

Philadelphia-need new and updated air-conditioning system

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