When clients say Wix!

[This tip is brought to you by the guys from Prospero]

Are you familiar with those clients? While talking about your proposal they mention cheap platforms such as “Wix”, “Fiverr”, “Upwork”. Let you feel as if you’re expensive for no reason.

Yes, in the last few years it has become easier and cheaper to get low quality “fast-design” (as in cheap, low quality fast-food) –

But another thing that’s happened recently is that more and more brands and companies have begun to understand the importance of design. These days there is more demand for designers than in any other time in history.

Designers are earning more money than ever. Designers are influential at the highest ranks (a few years ago you couldn’t find a chief design officer or a chief creative officer in any big company).

The challenges we designers are facing today are some of the most interesting ones since print was first invented.

McDonald’s didn’t kill the culinary arts, and an app that creates a cheap logo is not going to kill design.

Prospero’s advice?
Let irrelevant clients buy their cheap design somewhere else and free your time to do the interesting, money-making work that a ton of other clients are just dying for you to do.

Don’t sell yourself cheap. Just find the right clients.