Gilmore Girls Reunion: Dragonfly Inn Kitchen SHUT DOWN by Health Inspector

Until Sookie St. James repeats her ServSafe course!

Before anyone gets mad, I need to point out NOW that this article is in jest! It’s just a little joke for nutrition nerds on the eve of the greatest eating holiday (Thanksgiving) and in anticipation of the greatest TV reunion (Gilmore Girls).

Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news…

Uh, no, it’s something else.

While we’re all excited for the Gilmore Girls reunion, I hope Netflix does the right thing and enrolls Sookie St. James in a food safety course.

Back when we all fell in love with Gilmore Girls, I was but a wee nutrition enthusiast with a love for fast-paced witty repartee. This meant I was a huge Stars Hollow (and West Wing) fan. Now the reunion is coming out and I am PSYCHED.

Like any true devotee, I decided to re-binge the series and I discovered a germy truth — Sookie St. James has barely avoided major lawsuits like a million times.

Like other TV cooking shows (see this study), Sookie does NOT follow food safety protocols.

And just like watching Grey’s Anatomy can be unbearable for doctors, watching Sookie cook is equally unbearable for dietitians (and presumably chefs).

So, as a dietetics student, I’ve put together a few easy tips to help Sookie and Lorelai avoid a disastrous health inspection.

Here goes:

  1. Use a single-use utensil for sampling foods. DO NOT PUT SAID SPOON BACK INTO THE SAUCE.
But like please don’t

2. Use a finger-cot plus a clean bandage plus clean gloves if you have an open wound on your hands.

Excellent question. Please don’t bleed near the food.

3. Slip-resistant shoes are ugly, but a must.

They’re available in Payless and Walmart.

4. You can’t tell if something is hot by looking. It’s not a strong choice to grab a pan-handle without a cloth or pot holder. Also, consider being eye-level with said pan?

Thanks to Lorelai for the save.


It’s like a game of “how many foods can you cross-contaminate at once?”

6. Don’t touch ready-to-eat (RTE) foods with bare hands.

That looks delicious, but must be destroyed.
I assume you’re not planning on re-heating that cake to a safe internal temperature?

7. When you see an unsafe food environment, take corrective action.

Uh. Thanks?

Safety course complete! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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