Inside Out- Six Lessons I learnt From Watching it

… and why you should see it too

Inside Out is a 2015 animated movie about Kiley Anderson, an 11 year old girl whose parents move from Minnesota to San Francisco. Kiley finds the move very hard and from being a happy child, she soon becomes moody and very unhappy.

The movie focuses on her emotions as drivers for how she thinks and subsequently acts with the lead emotions being Joy and Sadness. Anger takes the lead for a while as well, while disgust and fear offer support.

Inside out is an amazing movie. It is a beautiful story with an amazing plot and there are so many lessons to learn. It’s IMDB rating is 8.3/10 so you know it’s really good.

Here are six lessons I learnt from watching it:

  • Everybody has a role to play in life: In the movie, we see that Joy keeps trying to push Sadness away from doing anything important. All the other emotions consider Sadness as useless and push her away. But everyone has a role to play. Don’t write anyone off. In the end, sadness was the only one with the power to turn things around for good.
  • You don’t have to do it alone because you don’t have all the answers: Tragic things can happen when we think we have to do it all. Everybody around you is there for a reason. Reach out to them. Ask questions. Take advice and implement. No man is an island and even when we think we know it all, we never do. Find others that can complement you in everything be it business or relationships. Balance is essential.
  • It’s okay to be sad: We can’t always be happy. That’s life. Things change. People you love break your heart. You lose your job. Economy plunges. The standard of living you’re used to might drop. You might have to let go of certain luxuries. That thing called life, happens. But you know what? It’s fine. Don’t push the pain away, don’t bury it. For if there were no bitter in the world, how would we define sweet? Live the sadness, live the pain, live the despondency. Don’t try to push it away. Live it. You enjoy life despite pain not in the absence of it.
  • We let things go when the time is right: At some point in our lives, we find ourselves holding onto things just because they’re familiar. That job that is no longer exciting, your partner who keeps hurting you, your house which doesn’t feel like home anymore. You don’t want to leave because it’s all you’ve ever known and you’re scared of what change will bring. Step out. Don’t hold on just because. Let it go. Sometimes, happy is just around the corner but we never find it because we are too busy looking down. When all we need to do is raise our heads to see it.
  • True family will always be there at the end: Family is important but family that experiences things with you is the best. Family will laugh with you, cry with you and when you share what is making you cry, they understand and they never make you feel small for feeling that way. We might find this in people we share blood with or friends. It doesn’t matter. In the end, family is important, however you come by it. And they will always be there to listen. Don’t push them away.
  • Don’t give up on your goal: There’s always a way. Don’t stop looking. Keep trying. Look around you for anything you can use to reach your destination. Ask questions, seek help, thank those who help you. By all means push forward. Joy showed true ingenuity in getting back to Headquarters. Disgust found a way to let them in by being creative. Get creative about solving your hurdles. You have a goal to achieve.

I would recommend Inside Out to everyone. Not just children or teenagers. Adults too can learn valuable life lessons

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