The Art of Plot

My online creative writing class from Wesleyan University, facilitated by Brando Skyhorse gave us an assignment. It was simple. Create a story with 12 words that is 250 words long.

This was my submission….

The circus hall remained dimly lit as the magician prepared another TRICK. An older gentleman, he wore a long, flowing robe with glittering sequins on the cap of his sleeves, He declared his next act, calling it MEMORY and asked for a volunteer. I timidly raised my hand, shocked when he picked me and climbed ABOARD the stage, questioning my sanity. The sight of the TIGER pacing a few feet over in a complicated metal box did little to assuage my fear. As the magician explained what would happen, I tried to pay attention but it was mere PRETEND for my heart was beating so rapidly, I wondered how everyone in the audience could not hear it. He handed me a CARROT and told me to walk over to the tiger and dangle the vegetable. What a crazy man, I suppose the APPLIANCE he wore around his head was making him delusional. I told him, “No way am I walking towards that CAGE, thank you” and turned to walk off the stage but saw only blackness. I could hear a disembodied voice and 3 RINGS of fire formed around me. An ugly black CROW suddenly flew overhead, I ducked and the movement jerked me awake. I looked at my FILTHY surroundings, scrunching my nose at the smell from the sewer few feet away. I tried to remember how I got there, a memory jogged my mind just as a rumbling sound broke the silence and the night EXPLODED into light.

Thats it! ☺

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