Rethinking Loss Prevention in Retail with Dell Technologies, NVIDIA, and Malong AI

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There is no shortage of ideas in which we might be able to use machine learning to change the way our businesses operate. This is certainly the case for many of the world’s leading retailers who are looking at how to use machine learning to improve the overall operations of their business on many different fronts, from the edge to the core to the cloud. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of how we’re able to provide machine learning solutions to enhance the shopping experience in partnership with Malong and their RetailAI software stack. We are excited to share a tangible, working, use-case to show how Dell Technologies, in conjunction with NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated EGX platforms provide an unmatched experience in terms of inference throughput and latency.

Let’s start here, what is machine learning? Machine learning is just like it sounds, it’s a machine that can learn. Simply put, it is teaching a computer to learn and make decisions based on its learning. It is much more technical and complex if you dive into it but what if we made it simple for retailers to understand? It can help simplify the retail world, cut costs and save time.

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